Software Asset Management

Gain control of your software assets and costs with Infinity’s Software Asset Management (SAM).

ARE YOU LEAVING MONEY on the table with your software contracts?

Given the complexity of software acquisition options, the multiple payment streams that stack up over the years, and the variation in software product lifecycles, many companies are.

At Infinity Systems Software, software expertise is a core competency. We not only architect solutions to meet our client’s unique needs, but we help them optimize their legacy investments. Our Software Specialists have both advanced technical skills and expertise in deciphering software charges, usage and version fees and pinpointing potential savings with our Software Asset Management (SAM) solution.

Infinity’s Software Specialists will inventory and evaluate your software assets from the financial, contractual and technical perspectives. We’ll recommend actions that can save you money and administrative headaches.

A State Assembly operating under budget constraint was challenged with antiquated technology and back-leveled software they were not able to upgrade. Infinity’s Software Management Assessment revealed utilization patterns and determined that the client’s software licensing structure was not optimal. Converting to a pricing program that charged based on utilization provided significant savings — enough to pay for a system and software upgrade within ten months.

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Infinity Systems Software can provide the comprehensive view you need to manage your software assets more efficiently and cost effectively. Please contact us.