Mission Accomplished

Infinity helps the country's largest fire fighting organization win a battle... their own.

IT ORGANIZATIONS THAT IMPLEMENT and sustain technological, operational, and fiscal best practices have greater business agility and can gain competitive advantage. The country’s largest fire fighting, emergency medical response, technical rescue and terrorism/biohazard first responder organization understands this well. Their excellence in an extremely complex and challenging environment is recognized worldwide.

The department’s necessary quest to be the best in the world led them to engage the experts at Infinity Systems Software to determine why their IT organization was not running optimally. The organization was fraught with staff shortages, labor cost overruns, and outdated technology with premium costs. Demands on the organization continued to grow dramatically, while budget constraints forced staff cuts. The management of fourteen distinct departments and multiple simultaneous technology projects was taxing.

Infinity Systems Software’s Consultants delved deeply into the operations of each department, interviewing the IT staff and management, as well as senior management. A detailed questionnaire was developed to identify and validate problem areas and to assess skill sets. The IT infrastructure was evaluated for effectiveness in meeting each departments needs and optimizing the city’s investment. Findings were benchmarked against industry standards, identifying deficiencies compared to other IT organizations of similar size and function. Improvement scenarios were evaluated and discussed, resulting in final recommendations.

The establishment of a Project Management Office and a true CIO role would provide a holistic view and centralize management of the disparate departments and projects. Required skill sets were defined for key roles throughout the organization and plans for building skills or acquiring talent were addressed. Labor hours were analyzed and determined to be excessive in overtime costs. Infinity’s recommendations specified areas in which overtime could be reduced through additional staffing or organizational restructuring.

The IT infrastructure assessment identified antiquated technology that, if replaced, would save the city money while improving capabilities.  As an example, by consolidating their numerous email and file and print servers and employing virtualization, the organization would save capital, streamline management, and free up operational resources.

A comprehensive report was presented to the Department Commissioner and city’s Mayor, detailing Infinity’s findings and recommending measures to optimize their IT infrastructure, increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, simplify management, reduce cost structures, and improve service levels.

Infinity Systems Software’s Consultants are seasoned professionals, many of whom have run large, complex data centers. Their technological expertise and proficiency in attaining operational efficiency and effectiveness are matched only by their commitment to each client’s success.


A best of breed IT organization is required to support a best of breed business. Please contact us to discuss how Infinity Systems Software can help transform your organization.