IT Organization Assessment

A comprehensive approach to transforming an IT organization through an IT Organization Assessment includes optimizing resources, processes and technology.

IN TODAY'S COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT, organizations must be agile in their response to a rapidly changing marketplace and cannot afford to have their IT capabilities holding them back. In today’s economy, businesses and governments cannot afford inefficiencies in their IT operations or infrastructure.

Infinity Systems Software has not only demonstrated expertise in architecting, implementing and managing optimized infrastructures aligned to business imperatives, but also in maximizing and sustaining operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

Infinity’s comprehensive IT Organizational Assessment will evaluate your current resources, processes and infrastructure, benchmark your organization against industry standards, and provide targeted recommendations that will transform your IT organization into a source of strategic advantage.

Our consultants are seasoned IT professionals, many of whom themselves have run large, complex data centers. Their operational and technical expertise is matched only by their dedication to each client’s success. They will:

  • Employ a Fit-for-Purpose process for assessing the applications best suited to meet your business needs, running scenarios across identified challenge areas.
  • Architect the optimal environment for implementation, optimizing legacy infrastructure investments while capitalizing on current and emerging technologies
  • Provide specific recommendations for IT strategy alignment to business strategy, organizational structure, process improvements, staffing and role alignment, and skills development.

The complex, multi-department IT organization of a major city’s fire department was fraught with staff shortages, labor cost overruns, and outdated technology with premium costs. Infinity’s consultants delved deeply into their processes and resources, identifying problem areas and addressing skill sets. The IT infrastructure was evaluated from the business, technological and financial perspectives. Findings were benchmarked against industry standards and scenarios for reducing identified deficiencies were analyzed for their effectiveness in meeting needs, overcoming challenges, and optimizing the city’s investments.

Process, personnel, skills development, resource allocation, and organizational restructuring recommendations were made which would reduce excessive overtime while increasing capability and productivity. Technology recommendations were made that would save the city money, streamline management, free up operational resources, and improve capabilities. Read more about this success story.

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