Managed Services

Entrusting IT performance monitoring, maintenance, and management through Infinity Systems Software's Managed IT Services ensures optimization, saves money and frees up valuable resources.

Infinity Systems Software offers a full range of IT Managed Services capabilities across the technology spectrum and works with each client to tailor a solution that meets their unique needs. Managed Services solutions are an effective means toward reducing cost structures, simplifying infrastructure management, and optimizing IT assets and resources.

Whether remotely monitoring your infrastructure, actively supporting the resolution of issues, or fully managing your systems, network devices or databases, Infinity has the depth of skills and experience to ensure that your mission critical infrastructure is running at peak performance.

Choose from three customizable service levels that allow you to pay for only the services you need:

Tier 1: Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring provides real-time, 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and reporting and the data you need to ensure optimal performance and service delivery. Our fully redundant Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and detects infrastructure, service and security events in your environment. Alerts, incidents, and deviations are reported with recommendations for resolution. Daily status and monthly management reports are provided, including trend analysis, charting, and a systems performance assessment.

Tier 2: Active Support

Infinity's technicians will act as an extension of your IT staff, taking care of routine infrastructure monitoring and management around the clock and freeing up your employees to focus on higher value projects. Infinity's specialists will respond to alerts, working with your team to remediate the issue. We'll take a proactive approach to identifying conditions that may require special attention to avoid service degradation. Infinity will provide daily status checks and regular capacity and operational management reviews with recommendations.

Tier 3: Full Management

Based on your requirements, Infinity can take responsibility for managing business critical infrastructure that needs to run at peak performance around the clock. Our customized service can be provided for any system or network device, or at an enterprise level for management of your database software. Infinity’s Service Level Agreements are customized to your unique needs. Our skills include Server Management, Backup, System Configuration, Reporting, Managed Database Administration, Managed Network Administration and more.

When the law enforcement agency of a major city implemented an entirely new system, the organization estimated that they would need to double the size of their staff to manage the new mainframe, databases and application. Infinity customized a Managed Services solution that would serve the agency’s needs for less money than they would have spent on hiring. Infinity’s specialists began immediate support and management of the new system, ensuring it’s optimal performance and service delivery to the agency. Read more about this success story.

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Infinity Systems Software offers additional levels of support for issue remediation and both remote and on-site assistance. Systems Management, Programming, and other professional IT skills are also available to augment your team’s capabilities.

We’d welcome the opportunity to understand your organization’s unique needs and tailor a solution that’s right for you. Please contact Infinity Systems Software.