Infinity Systems Software specializes in architecting IBM Systems solutions designed to meet each client’s unique requirements.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT you’ve made legacy investments in infrastructure and resources. We work to optimize those investments while introducing advanced technologies to meet business needs and deliver new capabilities. Our partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM and Vicom Infinity give us access to the most advanced systems technology available.

Our Systems Specialists are highly skilled at designing, implementing, managing and supporting a broad range of environments, enabling us to align technology decisions with your business and functional requirements and your expectations of the future. Our expertise extends across the IBM Systems portfolio including the mainframe, POWER, x86 and expert integrated systems families, as well as appliances such as Netezza, IDAA, and DataPower.

Whether modernizing your infrastructure, architecting a new system, introducing new workloads, upgrading or migrating, Infinity Systems Software, together with our partners IBM and Vicom Infinity, is committed to your successful implementation. Please contact us.

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