Database Systems

Your data is your organization's most important asset. Your ability to fully and efficiently leverage that data can give your organization a competitive advantage.

INFINITY SYSTEMS SOFTWARE'S EXPERTISE in the mainframe environment includes deep technical skills on IBM’s portfolio of database software, including DB2, IMS, QMF, SQL, and OLAP.

Our Specialists can lead, assist or provide consultation to your team in IBM Mainframe Database System planning, design and implementation.  We will help you fully exploit the capabilities and performance of database software to efficiently deploy your application and warehousing workloads and leverage business analytics.

Infinity’s experience can help reduce the time to value you derive from your database migrations or upgrades and minimize the associated risks. We are adept at improving application performance in data sharing environments and in ensuring data integrity, compliance and availability. And, we offer access to our specialized skills through a variety of client customizable offerings including 24x7 Support and Staff Augmentation.

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