Staff Augmentation

A Staff Augmentation Services Plan enables an agile IT organization that rapidly adapts to a changing environment in productive and cost effective ways.

EVERY ORGANIZATION should have an IT Staff Augmentation Services Plan in place.

The agility of your IT organization can impact your business outcomes. Senior, Human Resources, and IT Executives are increasingly recognizing the importance of implementing a Staff Augmentation Plan that enables a rapid response when needed. They’re also recognizing that there are cost effective ways to augment their internal resources with high value skills that can help take their IT departments to the next level.

Infinity offers customized Staff Augmentation solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. We pride ourselves on the long-term client relationships we’ve developed based on the success of these engagements.

Infinity skills span the technology professional spectrum. Our specialists work under your direction and guidance.

Our clients need flexibility and scalability to meet the fluctuating demands of their businesses. Infinity specialists can be contracted:

  • As needed when gearing up for a labor intensive project
  • When you require advanced technical skills beyond your in-house capabilities
  • To fill short or long term skills gaps created by unforeseen events or planned leaves of absence.
  • To supplement your internal skills as a member of your team, contracted for a specified number of hours per month.

When the mainframe Systems Programmer for a leading manufacturer retired, they contracted a primary Infinity Systems Programmer for a set number of hours per month with the option to increase hours as needed for projects. They also leveraged Infinity’s 24x7 Support for off-hours access to skilled programming resources. Infinity’s Staff Augmentation services have saved the company money and given them access to highly skilled resources on whom they can depend.

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While Infinity Systems Software can provide immediate access to skilled technical resources, we recommend that every organization have a Staff Augmentation Plan in place to leverage when the need arises. We’d welcome the opportunity to provide your Human Resources and Information Technology departments with the information they require for planning. Please contact us.