At Infinity Systems Software, software expertise is a core competence.

OUR SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS have deep technical skills in IBM operating systems, middleware, mainframe, and distributed software. We have broad architectural knowledge and expertise in complex, multiproduct deployments across heterogeneous environments.

Infinity Systems Software offers a full range of installation of IT Systems Software and services from upgrades to complex deployments. Leveraging Infinity’s expertise for the installation, configuration, customization, testing and validation of your software can help reduce your deployment time and risks and minimize the disruption of your business. We’ll ensure the fastest time to value and the successful implementation of the full capabilities of your software.

As with all of our client engagements, Infinity's installation services agreements are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you'd like Infinity to manage your full implementation or need specialized skills to consult or assist throughout your deployment, Infinity Systems Software is committed to your successful installation.

To learn more, please contact us.