Safeguarding The Swipe

Infinity helps the largest credit card processing company keep the credit card "swipe" safe and secure.

WHEN REGULATORY COMPLIANCE requirements are mandated or updated, organizations are challenged with implementing change in every aspect of their business, often on an aggressive timeline. Successful transitions require not only a thorough understanding of the compliance standards, but also of the impact of the implementation on the end user experience.

Infinity Systems Software applies our in-depth understanding IT Technology as it applies to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. Our expertise in customizing technology solutions to meet each client’s specific needs is essential. We are partners throughout the entire transition process.

One of the country’s largest credit card payment processing companies, with over $2.5 billion in annual processing volume, publically credits their success to superior long-term customer relationships and a superior processing platform.

When the government mandated PCI Compliance for all vendors and merchants, the company understood that the requirement not only impacted them, but also the thousands of clients for whom they deliver customized processing solutions. Their processing platform was incapable of handling the complexity of PCI certification classes and data security standards.

Infinity System Software’s Specialists worked closely with the company to understand their business processes and the end user experience. Infinity developed a customized software application to determine a merchant’s PCI class and enable the capture, certification, approval, and retention of the requisite compliance data and to meet the government’s reporting requirements. The application was written in Java Programming Language utilizing a Linux server, with an application web server and a database back end. It integrated seamlessly into the client’s workflow.

Throughout the implementation, Infinity worked in lock step with the client’s Project Manager, transferring the skills necessary to ensure a smooth project roll out. Prior to deployment, Infinity established a test environment in which final changes were made and Help Desk Technicians were trained.

With Infinity as a partner, the company met the government’s PCI Compliance requirements on time, avoiding financial penalties. And, because of Infinity’s client centric approach to technology solutions, the company can still credit their success to superior long-term customer relationships and a superior IT platform.

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