Infinity's PMQA reduced mission-critical downtime by 50% and plugged a potential security hole.

INCREASINGLY, BOTH PUBLIC and private sector CIOs are engaging qualified Project Monitors to mitigate risk, reduce costs, minimize business disruption and prevent project delays.

When the Department of Finance for a major U.S. city undertook a $100 million, two and a half year IT project, they engaged the expertise and experience of Infinity Systems Software as their PMQA to mitigate their risks. The project was extremely complex, upgrading the entire infrastructure, integrating twelve offices and multiple departments, and implementing telephony and web capabilities. Their investment in Infinity’s PMQA paid off.

Infinity’s team of Project Monitoring Quality Assurance (PMQA) Specialists worked side by side with the client and their IT vendors, participating in all project management meetings throughout the duration of the project. The team reviewed detailed project plans, assessing all potential risks and categorizing them by their likelihood of occurrence and potential impact on the project and the business.  The Infinity team recommended and implemented or oversaw remedial action. Each issue was managed through resolution.

As an independent and experienced PMQA, Infinity was able to identify and remediate unforeseen issues before they negatively impacted the project or affected the departments existing operations.

In one instance, Infinity Systems Software saved 18 hours in mission-critical system downtime and prevented an extended disruption of services. Infinity’s team of PQMA Specialists identified the risk, ran benchmark assessments, and worked with IBM’s labs to reduce downtime to half, well within the client’s threshold.

Through Infinity’s scrutiny, a potential security concern was identified. Infinity brought in security experts and ran penetration tests, reviewing all aspects of the system. The issue was isolated and remediated, ensuring the highest levels of security were attained.

Throughout the process, Infinity served as a liaison between technical resources and senior management. Infinity worked closely with senior management, providing reports that translated technical jargon and clearly explained the issues, risk factors, and their potential impact on the project. Infinity offered options for remedy and recommended the most effective solution.

Ensure that the full benefits of your IT project are attained by both your delivery organization and your business.