2021 VM Workshop Update

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Dear z/VM, z/VSE, and LinuxOne and Linux on IBM Z enthusiast,

As we await the decision to hold an in-person versus a virtual VM Workshop, we want to remind you of the value the Workshop offers.  Last year due to Covid-19, the Workshop was a virtual event and still provided valuable information and insight to attendees.

For those of you who participated last year, the following are links to the presentations offered in 2020, as a refresher.  For those who have yet to attend a VM Workshop, this is a preview of the content our speakers share with attendees, be it in person or virtual. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we put additional content out there from time to time.

The link to the YouTube Channel is https://ibm.biz/vmworkshopyoutube.

The following two videos are examples of the most recent video additions. These two are an Intro and Deep Dive into Analyzing CICS TS Storage Violation Abends:

Our playlists for each of the topic areas (Linux, z/VM, z/VSE) from the 2020 conference can be found at https://ibm.biz/vmworkshopplaylists

As a reminder, if you plan to join us at The Ohio State University, please register utilizing the early bird offer of $100 through April 30. Keep in mind our 100% refund policy. For more information and to register, please visit us at www.vmworkshop.org.

As of today, we are still looking for presentations for this year’s Workshop. We invite you to submit your abstracts at http://vmworkshop.org/2021subs.shtml. Please let us know in your abstract if you would give your presentation in person, virtual only, or either.

Hope to see you in June,

The VM Workshop Planning Committee

Marc I. Smith

2020 VM Workshop Communications Committee

2020 IBM Champion for Z

Posted in IBM Z, linux, LinuxONE, VM Workshop, Workshop, z/VM, z/VSE

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