4/21 MVMUA Webex Virtual Meeting – Agenda, Invitation, & Registration Instructions

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MVMUA (Metropolitian VM Users Association)

              Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – Webinar

                      Agenda: http://mvmua.org/2020apr.html

                    To register – email: [email protected]

           All session times are Eastern Daylight Time

9:00am EDT – Welcome and opening remarks by Eric Schuler-Dalverny

9:10am EDT – Session 1 presented by Brian Jagos from Broadcom-CA Technologies

Title – The Seriousness of Securing your VM environment Using Audit Data

Abstract – Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world,

and one of the biggest problems with mankind.  The financial and

customer impact is growing exponentially. Don’t be another statistic.

Discover how to identify and utilize audit records to secure your

environment.  If ignored, this can lead to jail time or being on the

cover of the New York Times or CNN and not in a good way.

10:00am EDT – Brief break (during switch of presenters)

10:05am EDT – Session 2 presented by Setareh Mehrabanzad from IBM

Title – Simplified IaaS management with IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

Abstract – Introducing the new IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center software

offering for IBM Z and LinuxONE providing a consistent, industry-standard

user experience to define, instantiate and manage the life-cycle of virtual

infrastructure, and integrate with higher-level Platform-as-a-Service

software such as IBM Cloud Automation Manager and VMware vRealize Automation.

Join this session for an introduction to the new offering and how it can help

you and your company’s journey to cloud.

10:55am EDT – Brief break (during switch of presenters)

11:00am EDT – Session 3 presented by James Vincent from Velocity Software

Title – zPRO V4 – High Octane On-prem Private Cloud for Linux on Z

Abstract – There are three big problems we are all facing:

management decisions to move everything to “the cloud” and off Z,

finding people with z/VM skills to keep existing Linux farms going,

and very few (one!) reliable and easy products to manage your Z cloud.

zPRO Version 4 is ready to help solve these problems and more. In this

session hear what zPRO can do for you and about actual customers utilizing

zPRO for their cloud that not only freed up precious time, but also helped

Linux on z/VM flourish.

11:50am EDT – Meeting close. Thanks to Broadcom for hosting WebEx.

Webex agenda for April 21 2020 final


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