Draft Redbook – Getting Started with Linux on Z Encryption for Data At-Rest

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– TITLE: Draft Redbooks – Getting Started with Linux on Z Encryption for Data At-Rest

– ABSTRACT: This IBM Redbooks publication provides a general explanation of data protection through encryption and IBM Z pervasive encryption with a focus on Linux on IBM Z encryption for data at-rest. It describes how the various hardware and software components interact in a Linux on Z encryption environment for data at-rest. In addition, this book concentrates on the planning and preparing of the environment. It offers implementation, configuration, and operational examples that can be used in Linux on Z volume encryption environments. This publication is intended for IT architects, system administrators, and security administrators who plan for, deploy, and manage security on the Z platform. The reader is expected to have a basic understanding of IBM Z security concepts.

– URL: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpieces/abstracts/SG248436.html?Open&myns=z000&mynp=OCHW11T&mynp=OCHW11S&mynp=OCHW11R&mynp=OCHW11P&mynp=OCHW11L&mynp=OCHW11K&mynp=OCSWGA0&mynp=OCHW187&mync=E&cm_sp=z000-_-OCHW11T-OCHW11S-OCHW11R-OCHW11P-OCHW11L-OCHW11K-OCSWGA0-OCHW187-_-E

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